Description of Mobile Directory

India has one of the largest telephone networks in the world. But, the technology is upgrading rapidly. Telephones have been replaced by mobile phones. As one can store the mobile phone numbers of various contacts in his mobile, the mobile directory seems to be futile. But, many a times it happens that we need to contact a person and his mobile phone number is not stored in the mobile or we require to send an email to a person which may not be stored in our mobile. Likewise, there may be a need to know some other information about a person’s profile. Ulyana Mart takes the initiative to provide a mobile directory to its users where they may seek profile information of any user of Ulyana Mart Platform. This directory provides complete profile information like name, email id, mobile number, address, designation, profile pic, date of birth etc that has been furnished by the user. The profile information of a user is posted in the directory for the information of other users only when he/she consents to share his profile.

Ulyana Mart does not share the details of users without their consent.